Additional Alaska Fires update, July 4

The fire situation in Alaska is very dynamic at this time

Statewide Fire Summary:
2 new fires with .4 acres burned
36 staffed fires with 341,994 acres burned
261 monitored fires with 1,921,674 acres burned

As of today (Saturday, July 4, 2015) there are 299 active fires in the State. Many fires in remote areas are unstaffed. The major staffed fires have their own Inciweb pages. Some of the other important fires are listed below.

For additional information on these and other fires currently burning in Alaska please go to any of these web sites

Nenana Ridge – #406:
The Nenana fire is located 8 miles east of milepost (MP) 312 on the Parks Highway and 2 miles west of the Tanana River.

This lightning caused fire began on June 20 and is estimated at 325 acres.

JULY 4: Gusty winds causing snags to fall. The fire is 60% contained. Fire personnel are continuing snagging and mop up operations.

Long Lake & Moose Creek – 393:
Lightning started the Long Lake fire on Saturday, June 20. It is two miles SE of Northway Village, Alaska. Northway is located on the east bank of Nabesna Slough, 50 miles SE of Tok. It is 42 miles from the Canadian border in the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge.

This lightning caused fire is currently 18,533 acres.
These two fires quickly burned together.

JULY 4: Fire is burning adjacent to the town of Northway. Resources have been focused on the north end of the fire nearest to the threatened residences. Fire personnel are keeping an eye on the southern end of the fire as temperatures rise over the next few days. The fire remains at 20% containment.

Iditarod River – 377:
The Iditarod River fire began on June 20. It is located 2.5 miles north of the ghost town of Iditarod, Alaska.
This fire was caused by lightning and is currently 98,183 acres.

Background Information: There are two clusters of concentrated buildings that are the ghost towns of Iditarod and Flat. New buildings are also in the vicinity in an oxbow in the river. The town is also home to the newly constructed Iditarod Checkpoint Building. Both historic towns of Iditarod and Flat were threatened by this fire. There are also multiple cabins and out buildings in Prince Creek that were threatened as the fire moved toward them for the north. During the early days of this fire, 3 minor structures were destroyed by the fire.

JULY 4: All resources are being pulled out of the town of Flat, but the plumbing will remain in place to be used to protect the town if the fire flares up again. Firefighters will be reinserted if the fire once again threatens the town of Flat. Smokejumpers were deployed to cabins in Chicken and Prince Creek at the head of the fire to begin structure preparations and to prepare residents for possible fire growth next week.

Tetlin Hills – 403:
The Tetlin Hills fire is located 8 miles SE of Tok, Alaska. Tok is located at the junction of the Alaska Highway and the Tok Cutoff to the Glenn Highway, 200 miles southeast of Fairbanks. It is called the “Gateway to Alaska,” as it is the first major community upon entering Alaska, 93 miles from the Canadian border.

This lightning caused fire started on June 20, and was 1,300 acres until the afternoon of June 26 when high winds caused the fire to go from minimal to extreme fire behavior in about 10 minutes. Winds were extreme with gusts to 40 mph causing the fire to increase to about 1,800 acres. The fire received assistance from 4 water scoopers, 2 Alaska National Guard Blackhawk helicopters, and four heavy air tankers dropping retardant along the perimeter of the active fire. The increase in acres was held to an additional 500.

JULY 4 : Crews are holding and securing the northeast, east and southeast dozer lines. They are also beginning to evaluate water handling needs.

Goodpaster Valley – 396:

The Goodpaster Valley fire is located about 32 miles northeast of the junction of the Alaska and Richardson Highways at Delta Junction, AK on Central Creek near the Gooodpaster River.

This lightning caused fire is currently 1,043 acres.

During the first days of the fire, the Pogo Mine fire department did some bucket work to slow fire growth towards the the mine. Some running and isolated torching was observed.

JULY 4: Assigned personnel are monitoring incident from Delta Ara Forestry Office. The fire was surveyed by helicopter yesterday and no visible smoke was seen.

Chalhalie Lake – 592:

Location: 10.5 miles NE of Chalkystik, AK in the interior NE of Alaska

Current Acres – 7,569
Cause – Lightning
Resources on fire – 23

JULY 4: The fire is reported to be smoldering. Southwest winds are keeping the fire in check.

LLOYD – 580
This fire is located 40 miles southeast of Manley Hot Springs and about 38 miles SW of the village of Tanana, AK
This was a lightning caused fire and has currently burned 4,363 acres.

JULY 4: Crews are preparing to burn out around structures in the area.


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