Tok Area Fires (Tetlin Hills, Long Lake) update, July 5

Tok Area Active Fires as of July 5, 2015

403 Tetlin Hills  Start Date:  6/20/15  Acreage:  1,800 no change Mgmt.Option:  Full

Fuels continued to dry. Another type 2 IA Crew came today and will be
shuttled to the fire in the morning. The crews will continue to prep the
dozer line for a burnout that is scheduled for mid week.

Resources assigned:  106, wih another crew due to arrive.

393 Long Lake  Start Date:  6/20/15  Acreage: 18,533 no change Mgmt.Option: Critical

Fire is 20% contained. Rehab of dozer line around the Northway VFR
on the north side of the fire. A recon flight around the cabin nearest
fire edge was performed. Bucket work is scheduled for the next work shift. Fire behavior moderate/creping. Warming and dryng predicted with minimum RH at or below 30%. 24 hours out fire may increase by 50 acres due to warmer and lower RH. Personnel 15.

268 Chisana River#2  Start Date: 6/9/15  Acreage: 37,705 no change Mgmt.Option: Limited

Fire was flown and mapped today. Will remain in monitor status and
remains in monitor status. Continue point source protection and daily monitoring of the area with fixed and rotor-wing aircraft. Monitoring objectives will continue to be tied to the management action points on the north and south ends of the fire to protect outlying communities. Personnel 5.

285 Tanana Slough  Start Date: 6/14/15  Acreage: 745

Fire 100% contained. Fire was demobilized today and placed into monitor status.

637 Stuver Creek  Start Date: 6-25-15   Acreage:  .1 acre

Controlled/ contained Fire remains in monitor status.

388 Robinson Fork  Start Date: 6/20/15  Acreage:  830  Mgmt.Option: Limited

Fire was not checked today and remains in monitor status.

523 Dennison Fork   Start Date: 6/22/15   Acreage: 11,648 Mgmt.Option: Limited

Fire was not flown today and remains in monitor status. Flown 6/27

341 Moose Creek  Start Date:  6/19/15  Acreage:  315   Mgmt.Option: Critical

All resources are on Long Lake Fire #393

461 Mosquito Fork Declared OUT

375 Seven Mile Declared OUT


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