Yukon Flats wildland fire roundup Sunday, July 5

noon–A roundup of fires around the Yukon Flats that have updated information from Saturday

#622 Marten Creek: 44 acres. Lightning, discovered on 6/24-25 miles northwest of Fort Yukon
07/04 Saturday: Firefighters are working on securing and holding the west flank of the fire. The fire is reported to be smoldering and creeping.
07/03 Friday: Fire is 75% contained. There were six interior smokes reported at the end of shift 07/02 Friday due to the warming and drying trend. Minimal fire activity reported.
07/01 Thursday: Fire is 65% contained. Firefighters are working on securing the south and west flanks. No new growth in acreage.
06/30 Wednesday: Firefighters made good progress Wednesday. Fire activity was minimal. Fire is 40% contained.


#604 Christian River #2: 10,794.6 acres. Lightning, discovered on 6/23-60 miles north of Fort Yukon
07/04 Saturday: Minimal fire behavior reported and little growth expected.
07/03 Friday: No new update.
07/02 Thursday: No visible interior smokes or perimeter activity reported. Fire remains in monitor status.
07/01 Wednesday: Decreased acreage due to new mapping. Fire remains in monitor status.
06/30 Tuesday: Acreage increase is due to new mapping. Monday: Reconnaissance showed no activity and a size increase to 10,000 acres. Fire remains in monitor status.

#592 Chahalie Lake: 4,267.8 acres. Lightning, discovered on 6/23-10 miles north of Chalkyitsik
07/04 Saturday: Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching and backing was reported. Firefighters are working on both the west and east flanks. Flare ups are reported due to hotter and drier weather.
07/03 Friday: Fire is reported to be smoldering. The southwest winds are keeping the fire in check, but are drying fuels potentially resulting in increased fire behavior over the next three days.
07/02 Thursday: Fort Yukon #1 split into two squads, one working the west and the other working the east side of the southern flank. Two miles of hose lay were completed and will be continued Friday. Minimal fire behavior was reported. A reduction in acreage is due to better mapping.
07/01 Wednesday: Fort Yukon #1 arrived on the fire and began their work.
06/30 Tuesday: Fort Yukon #1 Type 2 Crew is mobilizing to deploy to the fire. Fuel cache set up in Chalkyitsik for air operations. Acreage increase due to new mapping.






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