Lake Minchumina Structure Protection update, July 7

Lake Minchumina Structure Protection

July 7, 2015 @ 4:30 PM
Alaska Joint Information Center

Hot and dry weather over the past two days caused fires throughout interior Alaska to become more active. The 2,742-acre Deep Creek Fire #669 lies 1.5 miles southwest of the lake, while the 13,823-acre Carlson Lake Fire #635 lies 3.5 miles southeast it. Firefighters have established firelines in the vicinity of Lake Minchumina, Alaska, to protect structures near the lake.

The Whiskeytown Fire Use Module from northern California and White River Wildland Fire Module out of Rifle, Colorado; along with Alaskan smokejumpers have established firelines and are providing protection to structures around the lake. Fire Use Modules are eight to ten-person teams specialized in managing fires in remote areas.


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