Tok Area Fires update, July 7

Tok Area Fires as of Tuesday @ 1000
July 7, 2014
Fire acreage levels are approximately 1 week ahead of 2004
No new fires in the Tok area yesterday

CONTACT: Rita Baysinger, Public Information Officer, (303)345-8576,

403 Tetlin Hills

Date Started: 6/20/15

Current acreage: 1,800  No change from yesterday, 5% contained

Management Option: Full

Summary:  Fuels continued to dry. Fire behavior was active with short crown runs and uphill runs. Fire put up visible columns and smoke that were visible from Tok and the Alaska Highway 35 miles south of Tok. Retardant was dropped on the fire to strengthen containment lines. All of the burning was inside the reinforced dozer perimeter. Objectives continue to be to minimize impacts on tribal lands to prevent spread in the direction of Tok. 170 personnel on the fire yesterday. Tanana Chiefs T2 IA were diverted to Long Lake Fire but are still assigned to Tetlin Hills.

393 Long Lake

Date Started: 6/20/15

Current acreage:  20,033

Management Option: Critical,  20% contained

Summary:  Fire is burning adjacent to the town of Northway. Resources have been focused on the north end of the fire nearest to threatened residences. Yesterday’s fire behavior was active with short crown runs. 2,600 acres were added to the burned acreage totals. The fire put up several columns. Two large tankers were flown with water and retardant in the afternoon to strengthen the lines between the fire and Northway. As temperatures rise and RH levels drop over the next several operational periods, burn intensity on the southern third of the fire may increase. Indirect and direct line to be cut in wetter areas while using natural fire breaks
such as creeks and ponds. Additional point protection was placed to protect threatened structures.. A community meeting will be held this afternoon at 2 p.m. in Northway. 19 personnel.

268 Chisana River 2

Date Started:  6/9/2015

Current acreage: 37,705 No change from yesterday

Management Option:  Limited

Summary: Pumps and point protection equipment was removed. The fire was not flown but was observed aerially while flights were made over the Long Lake Fire. Fire remains in monitor status. A few small smokes were observed but no flame was visible. No change in size was seen.

285 Tanana Slough

Date Started: 6/14/15

Current acreage:  745

Management Option: Full,  100% contained

Summary: Fire is in monitor status.

637 Stuver Creek

Date Start: 6-25-15

Current acreage: .1 acre

Summary: Controlled/ remains in monitor status.

388 Robinson Fork

Date Started: 6/20/15

Current acreage: 830

Management Option: Limited

Summary: Fire was not checked today and remains in monitor status.

523 Dennison Fork

Date Started:  6/22/15

Current acreage: 11,648

Management Option:  Limited

Summary: Fire was not flown today and remains in monitor status. Last flown 6/27

341 Moose Creek

Date Started: 6/19/15

Current acreage:  315

Management Option:  Critical

Summary:  All resources are on Long Lake Fire #393


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