Baker Fire and Hay Slough Fire (Manley Area) update, July 12

Manley Area Fires

Fire Update – July 12, 2015

Fire Information (907) 672-3202

Warmer temperatures, lower relative humidity, and a light easterly wind contributed to increased fire activity on the Baker and Hay Slough Fires.

Baker Fire

Burnout operations started along the Elliot Highway and progressed towards the Eureka area along Red Barrel Road. Firing progressed well with hand ignitions supported by aerial ignitions. A total of six spot fires were detected and suppressed. Crews continued to look for and support any additional spots. Traffic on the Elliot Highway was delayed temporarily during operations for safety of firefighters and the public. Manley Hot Springs area businesses remain open for business. Firing operations are expected to continue today in advance of more unstable air moving into the region and may bring lower temperatures and higher humidity, which inhibits firing operations. The Baker Fire has burned 16,032 acres since beginning on June 21, 2015.

Hay Slough Fire

The Hay Slough Fire is burning about 20 miles west of Manley Hot Springs and has reached Fish Lake. Fire movement was mostly terrain driven spreading in multiple directions. Active fire behavior occurred as wind and slope aligned with spotting up to one-half mile observed. Crews engaged in point protection of a threatened structure and continued to gather information about values at risk in the area. The Hay Slough Fire has burned 75,002 acres since beginning on June 21, 2015.

Manley Area Fire Information

Phone: (907) 672-3202




For information about fires across Alaska:

Phone: (907) 356-5511





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