Southwest Area Fire updates, July 12

July 12, 2015


Fire 733 –Bear Island Lake is a new 2,019-acre lightning caused fire about 6 miles from the Deaphon and Heldina Eluska home on their Native allotment at the confluence of the Swift Fork and the North Fork of the Kuskokwim River. A helitak load of 5 initial attack firefighters from McGrath began site protection of the buildings on Saturday evening. Just south of there and 2 miles from the fire, four smokejumpers parachuted in Saturday to protect a Remote Automated Weather Site (RAWS). A fire-retardant tanker also delivered its load at the RAWS. The village of Telida is approximately 6 miles south of this fire.

The southern edge of Fire 597, the Pontag Creek fire which started June 23rd is 8 miles north of the Bear Island Lake Fire and has merged with three other fires, Run Gun, King Creek and Eden Creek (a Tanana zone fire). This 78,177 acre fire now straddles the boundary between the Southwest and Tanana Fire Management Zones.

Two other new fires spotted by McGrath-based aerial observation but in the Tanana Management zone are only 2 miles from Telida. These are fires 737 –Red Slough 1 and 738 –Red Slough 2.
With fires and sites to be protected located on both sides of the fires management zones boundary, operational actions are being coordinated by Fire Management Officers for each zone.

The Aniak Complex forward operating base continues actions against the North Aniak (55,704 acres), Mission Creek (2,180 acres), Whitefish Lake 1 (60,033 acres)and Ophir Creek (31,013 acres) fires that are north and south of the Kuskokwim River. The Crews engaged in building fireline and mopping up perimeter at these fires are Nikolai, Lower Kalskag, Payson Hotshots, Gannett Glacier T2 IA, Miller Timber Services 1 and Miller Timber Services 2. Today, the Pioneer Peak Hotshot crew will join the effort.

Contact: Francis Mitchell, Public Information Officer, SW Area, Div. of Forestry,
Ph 907 524 0064

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