Delta Area Fires update; July 13

Delta Area Fire Update
Friday, July 10, 2015
Fire Information Office – 907-244-9376
Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM. to 10:00 PM.
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Fire Information

Blair, AFS: The lightning-caused Blair Fire has grown to over 32,000 acres. The fire has been exhibiting active and extreme fire behavior on the NE edge and is active on the east and south flanks as well. The structures located at the 5-mile Clear Creek community, approximately 4 miles away, have complete structure protection in place. The Unaweep Wildland Fire Module remains in place to provide structure protection. The fire is very visible from the highway, expect to see active fire and smoke when driving in the Salcha and around the area.

Healy Lake, DOF: The Healy Lake Fire was started on June 16 by lightning. The fire remains at 10,443 acres. A local type 3 team is in place to manage the Michigan Creek and Healy Lake Fires. The Delta Power Squad, a local special operations group, is extinguishing hot spots on the lake and river.

Michigan Creek, DOF: The Michigan Creek Fire started on June 17, approximately 38 miles northeast of Delta Junction. The fire is 9,637 acres with a spot fire to the south mapped at 562 acres. Fire activity was minimal with only a few smokes showing when the fire was flown on July 12. Primary concerns are the cultural and historic sites to the southwest. Division of Forestry personnel will continue aerial monitoring of the fire.

La Grande, AFS: On July 13, an infrared camera was used to detect heat on the La Grande Fire. Only one hotspot was located. Structure protection remains in place. If fire behavior increases then the fire will be staffed again and structure protection implemented.

Goodpaster Valley, DOF: Goodpaster Valley Fire had a few smokes showing when flown on July 12. Structure protection remains in place on nearby structures. The fire will continue to be monitored by air as weather permits.

Smoke Concerns: Smoke will continue to impacting portions of central and eastern Alaska. Expect areas of smoke along the Alaska Hwy from the Canada border to Fairbanks. Drive with your headlights on when traveling through areas affected by smoke. For air quality advisories visit,

Statewide Fire Info: For information about fires statewide visit or call the Alaska Interagency Information Center at 907-356-5511.

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