Galena Area Fires update; July 13

July 13, 2015

Public Information Officer: Peri Suenram/transitioning to Erin Burkhammer & Mike Johnson

 Phone: 907-987-9838

What: Galena Zone Fires
Cause: Lightning
Location: A series of fires are located on both sides of the Yukon River within the Galena Fire Management Zone and the western end of the Tanana Zone. The major firefighting efforts at this time are concentrated on 3 fires on the south side of the Yukon River near the village of Ruby.

The major firefighting efforts at this time are concentrated on 3 fires on the south side of the Yukon River near the village of Ruby and on 1 fire near the village of Nulato.

Fire Names: The following fires are now being reported in the daily Incident Status Summary (ICS-209) as “Middle Yukon Fires”Nulato #458 (41,769 acres), Ruby Slough #423 (49 acres), Bruno Creek #479 (15,082 acres), Kaiyuh #351 (2,595 acres), Big Creek Two #533 (328,140 acres)

Total Size: Approximately 388,000 acres.

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Nulato Fires: There is a public meeting scheduled for Monday at noon at the Nulato school. The Galena Fire Zone assumed management of the Nulato and Kaiyuh Fires at 6:00 am this morning and will be talking with residents about management of the fires. Future Fire Updates will be provided by BLM-Alaska Fire Services.

Ruby Fires: Late last evening the visibility in the Ruby and Galena areas increased enough to allow air operations to extract firefighting personnel from remote cabins. Burnout operations were successful around the FWS and Smith Slough cabins. Personnel are likely to remain at the Atchley Cabin, which is a year round residence, for the next few days until the threat of fire is reduced. Crews, hoses, and pumps were removed from the Ruby Slough Fire and returned to base camp last night. The Big Creek Two Fire grew by approximately 21,000 acres yesterday. Parts of the fire area are receiving some moisture today which is expected to slow fire progression. Firefighters will focus on Poorman Road today. Structure assessment and protection activities are continuing along the Yukon and Nowitna River banks. A Type 3 Team is transitioning with Hutton’s Fire Management Team today and is planning to assume command of the Ruby area fires on Tuesday. The team will be headquartered at the school in Ruby and is expected to be in place by late this evening. Tyler Hecht is the incoming Incident Commander. The public is urged to limit travel on Poorman Road, which is experiencing active fire, to minimize conflicts with the firefighting forces

Other Galena Zone Fires: The Galena Zone BLM personnel are closely monitoring fires in the zone. Structure protection plans are in place for any fires that threaten private property.

There is a Notice to Airmen in effect for a 25 mile radius around the village of Ruby. For other areas, please see and avoid air traffic around fires.

Weather: Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are the order for the day. Given these weather conditions, there should be little fire movement and little perimeter growth today. The forecast for the next few days remains mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms.

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