Baker and Hay Slough Fires (Manley Area), July 14

Manley Area Fires

Fire Update – July 13, 2015

Fire Information (907) 672-3202

Approximate Acreage: Baker – 26,970    Hay Slough – 83,053

Incident Commander: Shane Greer

Start Date: June 21, 2015
Cause: Lightning

Total Personnel: 245
Structures Lost: 0

Jurisdiction: Alaska Fire Service
Cooperators: Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Baker Fire
Yesterday: New fire growth occurred on the south and east flanks among black spruce on flat terrain. Approximately 5,155 acres were burned and reflect burnout operations on July 11 and 12. The fire continued to hold heat and smolder in the interior in previously unburned timber. Crews continued mop-up operations of existing fire perimeter along the Elliott Highway. Burnout operations were conducted along the northeastern perimeter.

Today: Cooler temperatures and precipitation are forecasted and expected to moderate fire behavior. Crews will continue mop-up existing fire-lines on the north, east, and south. Residual smoke from smoldering interior forest fuels may impact areas along the Elliot Highway and in Eureka areas. Caution is recommended when driving.

Hay Slough Fire
Yesterday: New fire growth occurred on the north, northeastern flank, east flank south of Fish Lake, and south flank where the fire perimeter in areas was contained by Tanana River. Backing fire and single and group tree torching were observed. Approximately 8,051 acres were burned. Crews continued point protection and gathered information about values at risk in the area. Sections of the fire received precipitation.

Today: Moderate fire behavior is expected with cooler temperatures and precipitation forecasted. Two engines and a fire module crew with 10 firefighters will be conducting structure protection and gathering intelligence about values at risk in the area.

Manley Area Fire Information

Phone: (907) 672-3202

For information about fires across Alaska:
Phone: (907) 356-5511

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