New TFR In Place Near Tanana: July 15

Pilots should be aware that a new, periodic, Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place near and over the Village of Tanana.

Beginning at 8 am on Thursday, July 16, a new TFR will affect an area that includes the Tanana Airport and its approaches. The TFR will be in force daily from 8 am until midnight daily until lifted.

The restriction is being implemented to provide for safer flying conditions around the village, where helicopters are operating. Helicopters are  supporting structure protection efforts near the Spicer Creek fire that is burning very close to Tanana. They are also assisting firefighters doing burnouts between the village and the main fire.

Aircraft intrusions into restricted areas can cause aerial suppression operations to be suspended until the airspace is clear; thus hindering suppression efforts. Wildland fire TFRs provide a safer environment for aricraft involved in suppression efforts by  minimizing potential conflict with aircraft not assigned to the incident. The restricted areas may have an irregular shape as the fire may not be contained within a circular radius. They are also unpredictable in that they may change with short notice because of the nature of the fire.

TFR’s are issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to notify pilots about  periodic closures. Information about this and other TFR’s can be found at:

• NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) should be checked during flight planning as TFRs are constantly changing. For graphical information on TFRs, please refer to:

• Pilots are asked to avoid the area around a wildland fire even if there is no official TFR. Firefighting aircraft may be trying to respond to or suppress a fire. Intrusions may  delay rapid response at a critical time and endanger flight crews and other firefighters.

• Pilots should be aware of heavy aviation traffic between BLM-Alaska Fire Service and Alaska Division of Forestry bases responding to fires.

Be alert for firefighting aircraft. Let’s keep our airspace safe!

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