Delta Area Fires Update; July 21

Delta Area Fire Update
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Fire Information Officer – 907-244-9376
Hours of Operation: 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
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Fire Information:

Overview: The Alaska Division of Forestry and The Alaska Fire Service are managing numerous fires around the Delta Junction area. Fire updates will be produced and disseminated as fire activity warrants. Please contact the area information officer, Celeste Prescott, with any additional questions or concerns.

Blair, AFS: The lightning-caused Blair Fire is 41,290 acres. The last significant growth was seen Monday, July 13, when the fire exhibited active and extreme fire behavior. Wetting rains and cooler temperatures drastically slowed the fire activity over the last week. The return of warm and dry weather is expected to increase the fire behavior. On July 20 fire officials observed creeping, smoldering, and single tree torching on the north and northeast perimeters. The structures located at the 5-mile Clear Creek community, approximately 3 miles away, have complete structure protection in place. The precautionary assessment of structures in the Salcha and Harding Lake areas has been completed and the data is being used to update Forestry’s known structure database. The Unaweep Wildland Fire Module remains in place to provide structure protection along with improving and mapping secondary access to structures located along the ATV trails. Fire officials will continue aerial monitoring of the fire perimeter. Fire activity and smoke may be visible at times from the Alaska and Richardson highways from east of Delta to Fairbanks.

Healy Lake, DOF: The Healy Lake Fire was started on June 16 by lightning. The fire was last mapped at 11,473 acres. A local Type 3 team continues to manage the Michigan Creek, Healy Lake, and Healy River Fires along with monitoring numerous other fires in the area. When the fire was flown on July 19 an infrared camera showed approximately 20 hotspots and active fire was observed. The Delta Power Squad continues to extinguish hotspots and assess native allotments in the fire area.

Michigan Creek, DOF: The Michigan Creek Fire started on June 17, approximately 38 miles northeast of Delta Junction. The fire is 9,937 acres with a spot fire to the south mapped at 562 acres. One area of heat was detected near the perimeter when the fire was observed with an infrared camera on July 19. Fire officials will continue to monitor it by air. Fire officials primary concerns are the cultural and historic sites to the southwest of the fire.

La Grande, AFS: There have been no smokes observed nor heat detected over the last week on the La Grande Fire. All structure protection equipment was demobed and slung via helicopoter back to the Delta Area Forestry helibase on July 20. This will be the last update on the La Grande Fire unless significant activity occurs.
Other Area Fires: The Division of Forestry and Alaska Fire Service are monitoring numerous other fires in the area. Fire personnel monitor these fires by air when the weather and aircraft availability permits

Statewide Fire Info: For information about fires statewide visit or call the Alaska Interagency Information Center at 907-356-5511


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