Middle Yukon Fires/Ruby Area Fires Update; July 24

Contact: Public Information Officer: Mike Johnson
Phone: 907-987-9838 *Note–we cannot access the voicemail

What: Middle Yukon Fires/Ruby Area Fires
Cause: Lightning

Location: A series of fires are located near Ruby, Alaska on the Galena Fire Management Zone and the western end of the Tanana Zone. The major firefighting efforts at this time are concentrated on 3 fires on the south side of the Yukon River near the village of Ruby.

Fire Names: The following fires are now being reported in the daily Incident Status Summary (ICS-209) as “Ruby Area Fires”: Bruno Creek Fire#479 (15,302 acres), Trail Creek Fire #599 (31,699 acres), and Big Creek Two Fire #533 (332,669) acres.

The following fires are in monitor status: Ruby Slough Fire #423 (49 acres), Eldorado Fire #576 (6 acres), Little Moose Fire #411 (4,835 acres), Melozitna 2 Fire #419 (3,357 acres), and the Gentian Fire #519 (19,692 acres)

Size: Approximately 407,613 acres.

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This will be the last update for the Middle Yukon/Ruby Area Fires unless significant activity occurs.

Thursday’s weather was cooler and wetter which moderated fire behavior.  Single-tree torching, smoldering and creeping were observed.  Wide-spread showers with locally heavy rain was observed Thursday night.

Bruno Creek Fire: Crews completed mopping up 100 feet along the direct line they had constructed on Wednesday.  Today they will be working on road improvements along the Poorman Road, including removing some hazard trees along the roadway.

Big Creek Two Fire: A crew swap will occur on Thursday on the eastern portion of the Big Creek Two fire. The Calaveras Wildland Fire Module was replaced with the Black Hills Wildland Fire Module. They will transition and continue with the work in the Nowitna River drainage; setting up sprinkler systems and complete structure protection on remote cabins on the east side of the fire. A few more operation shifts will be required to complete this work.

Trail Creek Fire: Continues to be in a patrol and monitor status.

There is a Notice to Airmen in effect for a 25-mile radius around the village of Ruby.

Contact Us: MiddleYukonFires2015@gmail.com or http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4392/

For information on the Tanana area fires, contact Fire Information at the Tanana school ICP, at 907-987-9835 or TananaAreaFires2015@gmail.com

For information on the Manley Hot Springs area fires, contact Fire Information at 907-672-3202 or ManleyAreaFires@gmail.com

To obtain fire information regarding other fires in Alaska, contact the Alaska Joint Information Center at 907-356-5511 or https://akfireinfo.com/


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