Tanana area fires update, July 31

Special Announcements: Please note: Fire Information has a new phone number: 907-799-4212.


Tanana Area Fire Facts at a Glance

TOTAL ACRES: 496,813

Cause: Lightning

Spicer Creek (4 mi. N Tanana) ~ 183,444 acres;
Harper Bend (6 mi. SE Tanana) ~43,378 acres
Moose Point (~55 mi. W Tanana) ~26,612 acres
Kokrine (~50 mi. W Tanana) ~4,811 acres;
Bering Creek (37 mi. SW Tanana) ~238,533 acres

NOTE: Hay Slough Fire information available by calling Alaska Fire Information at (907)356-5511.

Date Started: 06/19/2015

Percent Contained or Completed: 100%
Personnel: 225, including various support/logistics personnel; Four Type 1 (Hotshot) and two Type 2 crews and 1 Type 3 Tanana crew.
Aircraft: One Type 2 helicopter and one Type 3 helicopter
Equipment: 9 boats, 1 watertender, 1 excavator, 1 dozer, an SUSV track vehicle, 2 dump trucks, ATV’s and other misc. equipment.

Cooperating Agencies: Alaska Fire Service, Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Division of Forestry, Tanana Tribal Council, Tanana Chiefs’ Conference (TCC), Doyon, Tanana Volunteer Fire Department, City of Tanana, Tanana School District, Tozitna Limited



Management responsibility for the Spicer Creek, Harper Bend, Moose Point, Kokrine, and Bering Creek fires transferred this morning to Karen Scholl’s Type 3 organization. The Baker fire is managed by Mike Bradley’s Type 4 team. The Hay Slough Fire continues to be jointly managed by Scholl’s and Bradley’s teams.


Well-over 100 miles of the Yukon and Tanana rivers are managed by Scholl’s Type 3 organization. On the Yukon River, responsibility for fire response and structure protection stretches over 115 miles from the mouth of the Nowitna River near Moose Point upstream to Stevens Creek. On the Tanana River, responsibility extends from the Yukon upstream to the mouth of the Cosna River; a distance of over 35 miles.


Yesterday, on the Spicer Creek fire west of Bear Creek, two hot shot crews worked the 1 ½-mile length where there was still fire activity and hot spots upstream from the mouth of creek.


Crews on the Bear Creek to Site Road containment line continued pulling hose and pumps from the line and returning the equipment and supplies to fire camp in Tanana.


In the Site Road and Mission area crews finished cutting down hazard trees along Site Road. In addition, they patrolled the road, repaired hand lines, hauled brush, dismantled water pumps and hose lays and returned the equipment and supplies back to fire camp in Tanana.


The river group pulled several more water pumps, hoses and sprinkler systems from some of the structures along the Yukon and Tanana Rivers. They checked remaining water pumps and sprinkler systems to ensure they were operating in the event they are needed for structure protection.


Today, there will be a reconnaissance flight in the afternoon over all of the Tanana Area Fires to monitor and identify any areas of concern. There will be another flight this evening with a palm infrared camera to look for any problem hot spots that could threaten the containment lines or structures.


Hot shot crews will return to the west side of Bear Creek to continue mopping up problem hot spots near the mouth of the creek. Crews will continue monitoring the containment line north and west of Tanana and pulling hose and pumps off of the line and returning them to supply.


Today’s weather will be mostly sunny with patchy smoke throughout the day. Maximum temperature will be between 68-75 degrees with a minimum humidity between 38-45%. Light surface winds are expected this morning, increasing to west winds from 5-9 mph in the morning and 8-13 by 1:00 pm in the afternoon with gusts up to 18 mph in the afternoon.   Tonight’s forecast is mostly for cloudy skies with patchy smoke. Expect the minimum temperature to be around 51 degrees and maximum humidity

between 81- 89%. West winds are forecasted to be 6-11 mph. Saturday, expect cloudy skies with patchy smoke in the morning. Expect a slight chance of rain showers by mid-morning and becoming scattered in the afternoon. Maximum temperature is forecasted to be 58-64 degrees and minimum humidity between 52-58%. Expect west winds from 8-13 mph with gusts to around 20 mph.


There is an air quality advisory in effect today for the Alaska interior. Air quality indices and alerts can be found on the Alaska DEC Division of Air Quality website at: http://dec.alaska.gov/Applications/Air/airtoolsweb/Advisories/Index. Weather forecast can be found at: http://pafc.arh.noaa.gov/obs.php


For more info: For today, please contact Information Officer Pat York at 907-799-4212 or TananaAreaFires2015@gmail.com. Inciweb (http://inciweb.nwcg.gov) also provides fire information. From the Inciweb homepage, select “Tanana Area Fires” fires from the drop down list at the top right of the page. To obtain fire information regarding the Hay Slough, Baker and other fires in Alaska, contact the BLM Alaska Fire Service at 907-356-5511 or blm_ak_afs_public_affairs@blm.gov or https://akfireinfo.com/.


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