NPS seeks public input for proposed wildland fire management plans in 4 Alaska parks

The National Park Service is soliciting public input on the proposed development of fire management plans for 28 park units nationwide including four in Alaska — Glacier Bay, Klondike Gold Rush, Kenai Fjords and Aniakchak.

The NPS has prepared a scoping document that explains the purpose and need for developing a wildland fire management plan and describes the proposed action that will be analyzed in an environmental assessment. Any area residents, business owners, local officials, organizational representatives, and others interested in this project are encouraged to download the scoping document and, after review, submit comments. Comments can be expressed as concerns, thoughts, and suggestions for the proposed wildland fire management actions and mechanical and prescribed fire treatments described in the scoping document.

The 30-day scoping period began February 1, 2016, and was going to end March 1, 2016, however it has been extended to March 18. The scoping document is available online at the NPS Planning, Environment, and Public Comment website. To download the document and submit your comments online, go to the NPS planning website at: Parks have contacted local organizations, including tribes and issued news releases to local media.

If you are unable to submit comments electronically on the website, then you can mail comments to

Becky Brooks
Attn: Nationwide Multi-Unit FMP/EA
National Interagency Fire Center
3833 South Development Ave.
Boise, ID 83705

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