Alaska Fire Service EFF Spring Training Kicks Off This Weekend


April 8, 2016

(FAIRBANKS, Alaska) – Emergency Firefighters return each year fresh from their time off to prepare for the new fire season. Before they can step into the vast Alaska landscape to engage wildland fires, they must first take a pack test and refresh their firefighting knowledge. The first batch of pack testing and refresher training is set to start in the Galena Zone on Sunday in Holy Cross and Shungnak.

BLM Alaska Fire Service conducts training for veteran and new Emergency Firefighter (EFF) crew members from 29 villages in Alaska. Candidates must be 18 years of age to fight wildland fires. The EFF Rookie Firefighter Academy is scheduled in Fairbanks from May 10-16 for the Galena Zone and May 16-20 for the Tanana and Upper Yukon zones.

In addition to classroom and field training, firefighters add physical fitness to the schedule. Firefighting is arduous work under very stressful conditions. Physical fitness is extremely important for firefighters and support workers. Physical fitness training is ongoing and the training will conclude with pack tests to verify the stamina of firefighters. Firefighters are required to complete a three mile walk in 45 minutes while carrying 45 pounds.

Even before EFF firefighters can do the pack test or safety refresher, they must prove they have completed IS-100 and IS-700. The classes are found at this link: They only need to complete these courses once. Anyone who has recently taken the class must have a copy of the certificates when they show up for the pack test.

For more information on specific training contact the individual points of contact:

EFF pack test/Safety refresher schedules:

EFF Rookie training

May 10-16 for the Galena Zone: 907-356-5627

May 16-20 for the Tanana and Upper Yukon zones:

 Find more on training at or




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