Crews starting mop-up on Warren Creek Fire

June 15, 2016 – Crews are starting to mop-up parts of the Warren Creek fire that is burning near Kobuk while others continue to secure the perimeter as drier and warmer weather starts to settle in around the state. The fire is still holding at approximately 3,200 acres and hasn’t moved closer to Dahl Creek, which is a mile to the east, or the villages of Kobuk and Shungnak that are located farther away and to the south. The northwest and western perimeter is the most active as the fire perimeter is ragged and encompasses pockets of unburned areas. Helicopters supported the crews on the ground by dropping water on this stubborn section of the fire. No fixed wing aircraft were used yesterday, but stand ready in Bettles and Galena if needed. Like much of the state, the weather in this area is predicted to be drier and warmer over the next few days, which could cause the fire activity to kick up in the afternoon. Nonetheless, Galena Zone fire management officials are confident that areas where ground federal and state-sponsored crews have worked will continue to hold the fire in check. There are now 228 people assigned to the fire. That number will slowly dwindle as fire activity on this fire and in other parts of the state dictate. Twelve BLM Alaska Fire Service smokejumpers are expected to come off the fire later today with other crews starting on Friday.

Contact Beth Ipsen, public affairs specialist at BLM Alaska Fire Service at email or by phone at (907)356-5511 or cell phone at (907)388-2159.

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