Smoke from McHugh Fire drifts into Anchorage bowl

McHugh Fire smoke from the wildfire burning near McHugh Creek is currently drifting  into Anchorage due to the predicted overnight wind shift by the National Weather Service.

Northwest winds shifted last night to the southeast around 10 p.m.Wednesday. The southeast winds are predicted to gradually increase today (Thursday), with the wind reaching strongest gusts of 25 mph in late afternoon (4 p.m. – 6 p.m.). Winds are expected to mellow going into Thursday evening. Light rain and increase cloud cover will assist with the moderating of fire spread.


Firefighters from the McHugh Fire will continue use aviation resources (helicopters and air tankers) in tandem with ground operations to reduce spread of the northwest perimeter. Structure protection efforts in the Rainbow Subdivision was completed last night and firefighters today will be working on improving structure protection in Potter’s Valley.

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