Fire reported Thursday in the BLM White Mountains National Recreation Area

Pilots in passing aircraft Thursday reported a fire along Wickersham Creek in the BLM White Mountains National Recreation Area. BLM Smokejumper aircraft personnel confirmed the fire as they were returning from another mission. They reported the Wickersham Dome Fire (#353) to be 10 acres burning in black spruce and tundra. It is about 3 miles southeast of the Borealis – LeFevre Public Use Cabin. Fire managers are not taking any action on the fire at this time as it is located in a Limited protection area. The Limited Management Option is designed for broad, landscape-scale areas where the low density and wide distribution of values to be protected best allows for fire to function in its ecological role. Fire managers are working with the Fairbanks BLM District Office to develop a plan if the fire threatens cabins in the recreation area.

For more information contact Public Information Officer Sam Harrel (907) 322-7204 or

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