State forestry monitoring three lightning-caused wildfires east of Tok

The Alaska Division of Forestry is monitoring three lightning-caused wildfires east of Tok, one of which is visible from the Alaska Highway near the Canada border.

The McArthur Creek Fire (#133) as seen from the air on Thursday. The fire, located about 64 miles east of Tok and 2 miles from the Canada border, is estimated at 3,000 acres and is being monitored. Photo by Forrest Hermanns/Alaska Division of Forestry

The biggest of the three fires, the McArthur Creek Fire (#133), was reported on Tuesday and was estimated at 3,000 acres as of Thursday. It is located approximately 2 miles east of the Canada border and 14 miles from the Alaska Highway. The closest community is Northway, 21 miles to the east.

Smoke from the fire is visible from the Alaska Highway and the Division of Forestry has received multiple reports of the fire from passing motorists. Smoke is not impacting highway traffic.

The fire is burning in a Limited Protection Area and is not currently threatening any values at risk. Forestry personnel scouted the fire by air today to identify any structures or other values that may be threatened if the fire grows in size. The closest structures to the fire are two mining camps about 3 miles to the north and a trapping cabin that is 6 miles to the south.

The other two fires are burning north of the McArthur Creek Fire and are considerably smaller. Both those fires are also burning in Limited protection areas and are being monitored but no suppression actions are being taken due to their remote locations.

The East Fork Dennison Fire (#139) was reported on Wednesday and is estimated at approximately 400 acres. It is located on the East Fork Dennison River approximately 45 miles southeast of Tok.

The South Fork Ladue Fire (#144) was reported on Thursday and was estimated at 3 acres in size at last report. It is located along the South Fork of the Ladue River approximately 44 miles east of Tok.

State forestry personnel will continue monitoring the fires from the air to determine if they pose a threat.

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