Air Quality Advisories in effect for Southcentral, Central, Eastern, and Western Interior Alaska

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has issued air quality advisories for Southcentral Alaska and for the Central, Eastern, and Western Interior due to smoke from burning wildfires around the state.

Air Quality will vary from GOOD to UNHEALTHY depending on wind flow and proximity to the fires. Smoke from wildfires is a mixture of gases and fine particles from burned vegetation.  It can hurt your eyes and irritate your respiratory system.  It can also worsen chronic heart and lung diseases.

In smoke-impacted areas, DEC advises people with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly, and children to avoid prolonged exertion.  Everyone else should limit prolonged exertion.

Areas immediately downwind of any fire will experience HAZARDOUS levels of smoke. Generally, worse conditions occur overnight and during the early morning hours, as the atmosphere cools and brings smoke to the surface. During the day, surface heating will mix smoke and carry it upwards, temporarily improving air quality.

The full Air Quality Report can be found at the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation website.

Additional information on smoke particulate matter and the location and direction of smoke please visit the University of Alaska Fairbanks Wildfire Smoke Prediction for Alaska web page to view an interactive map.

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907)356-5511 or email

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