Shovel Creek Fire update: Level 2 evacuation alert issued for Lincoln Creek subdivision

With the Shovel Creek Fire near Murphy Dome established in the Shovel Creek drainage, firefighters have initiated tactical firing operations to reduce the potential threat to the nearby subdivisions. The Alaska Incident Management Team managing the fire has recommended to Fairbanks North Star Borough Emergency Operations to raise the evacuation alert for the Lincoln Creek subdivision from a Level 1 (READY) to a Level 2 (SET). The Lincoln Creek subdivision is located in a rural area dominated by black spruce with approximately 64 structures. A Level 2 evacuation alert means people should be SET to evacuate. This means assembling a kit of important items that you will take with you in the event of an evacuation. Firefighters are aggressively working to contain the Shovel Creek Fire while providing for their safety and the safety of the public. The areas of Martin subdivision, McCloud subdivision, Murphy subdivision, Perfect Perch, and the Chatanika River corridor remain in Level 1 (Ready) evacuation status.

A Level 2 Evacuation is not a notice to leave, but it means that you must be ready and prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. A Level 2 signifies that there is significant danger in your area. GET SET by loading your 6 P’s (see below) and a 7-day kit into your vehicle. You may have time to gather necessary items, however remember you must be prepared and ready to relocate. At Level 2, this may be the ONLY notice you have to finish getting ready to evacuate. A call center is available for additional information at (907) 459-1308.

Remember the 6-P’s; People, Pets, Pills, Photos, Personal (computer back-up info), and important Papers.

Shovel Creek Fire Information

Fire Information: 907-347-6801


Shovel Creek Fire:



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