Cooler weather temporarily moderating fire behavior in Tanana Fire Management Zone

Cooler temperatures have brought some relief to firefighters across the Tanana Zone.  The relatively cool temperatures and higher relative humidity are forecast to be short-lived however.  High pressure will be building and moving back in over the interior, bringing warmer and drier conditions to the region by Friday and into the weekend.  Light rain and cloudy weather have moderated fire behavior and slowed fire movement.  Firefighters across the zone have taken advantage of this weather.  Operations are going well.

There were no new fires reported in the Tanana Zone Monday.  The total number of active fires remains at 15.  To date this year, 22 fires have burned a total of 41,523 acres in the zone. Here is a rundown of some of the more significant or visible fires:

Iksgiza Fire (#318) – Firefighters continue mop-up work on interior portions of this 17-acre fire near Iksgiza Lake. The area is south of the Tanana River, 20 miles southeast of Manley Hot Springs. Containment still stands at 80%, but the fire has not seen any increase in acreage for several days.  The crew will continue looking for evidence of heat today. If the weather stays cool and the work goes as planned, the crew could be demobilized off the fire sometime Thursday.

Lloyd Mountain Fire (#361) – This fire appeared very quiet on Tuesday morning.  More accurate mapping now shows it to have burned 20, 025 acres since starting from a lightning strike on June 23.  It is located approximately 14 miles south of the mouth of the Cosna River. Rainfall in the area moderated fire behavior and slowed spread. Thirteen firefighters are preparing cabins in the area for the possibility of oncoming fire. Smokejumpers reached the northern cabins in the area yesterday and began setting up pumps, hoses, and sprinklers to protect them. The smokejumpers say a new paracargo equipment delivery system is working well. The Joint Position Air Drop (JPAD ) system is a fully autonomous GPS-guided military airdrop system using steerable parachutes and an onboard computer to steer paracargo to a precise point of impact.

Foraker Fire (#389) – Five firefighters are tasked with site preparation for protection of several cabin sites near this fire in Denali National Park.  The fire is in a Limited Suppression area, 22 miles southeast of Kantishna and has been mapped as being 10,636 acres.  It was started by lightning on June 26.

Sources of information on smoke can be found on the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center Air Quality web page.

For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907)356-5511 or email


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