Crews continue work on East Anchorage Fire

Fire crews cleared trees and vegetation and installed fire hose around the entire perimeter of the 25-acre MLK Fire (423) in East Anchorage today. 

Firefighters are using hoses to spray water while securing the fire’s perimeter and working toward the interior.  The Division of Forestry is managing the suppression efforts on the fire. Forestry fire managers are confident the fire will not grow or escape established control lines.  The public may continue to see some isolated flare-ups from unburned trees and vegetation within the interior of the fire as it slowly burns itself out. Due to persistent dry weather and heat, the fire burned deep into the ground and will require extensive mop up over the next few days.

The MLK Fire remains a very high priority to emergency service responders and firefighters will continue around-the-clock efforts to completely extinguish it.

The fire started Tuesday afternoon in Campbell Park.  The cause has not been determined.

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