Shovel Creek Fire: Watch the Live Stream of the July 5th 6pm Community Meeting

If you prefer to watch the community meeting on YouTube, click here:

Live – Shovel Creek Fire community meeting at the Ken Kunkel Community Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. Please ask questions and the second half of the meeting is all question and answer from the members of the community. #ShovelCreekFire

The strategic firing operation just north of the Old Murphy Dome Road between Martin and the Dome itself is going as planned as of 11pm on July 5th. Photo: PNW2 Barry Schullanberger

A thoroughly planned firing operation began at 3:30pm on Friday when favorable conditions aligned. Temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and fuel moisture are the some of the key factors that dictated the time and duration of this burnout operation. The goal is to secure a solid control line along established fuel breaks to keep the wildfire on the north side of Old Murphy Dome Road and west of McCloud Subdivision. The operation is on track with no major issues.

Once this is completed, firefighters will hold and secure the burn and reassess conditions to determine whether to continue or suspend firing operations further east.

The burn team consists of a firing boss, 4 hotshot crews, a strike team of engines, 4 water tenders, and other fireline supervisors. Additional firefighting resources will be on hand to help support the firing operation including crews, engines, and aircraft. Aviation resources available to support Friday’s missions include; 2 heavy helicopters, 3 medium helicopter, 2 light helicopters, Fire Bosses, and air tankers. Structure protection groups will maintain readiness in and around nearby neighborhoods.

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