Structures Protected on Chetaslina Fire; Rain on the Way

COPPER CENTER, AK – Point protection operations on the Tenas Jack, Kuntson and Copper/Cheschina cabins and at Dadina Lake near the Chetaslina Fire (#606) are complete. Firefighters returned to the Valdez-Copper River Area Division of Forestry helibase after plumbing the structures, setting up the hose lays and sprinkler systems at each of the locations. They will be available for any initial attack requirements should the fire reach any of the management decision points that would require additional suppression efforts.

Forecast rain on Wednesday may offer a brief break in the hot, dry conditions for the Copper River Basin. However, the temporary moderation in weather that may happen is likely not enough to affect the deeper duff layers and elevated burning conditions may return in the coming days.

Thirty-four community members from the Kenny Lake and surrounding area attended the Chetaslina and Long Fires Community Meeting at the Kenny Lake Community Hall yesterday. The Copper River Area Forestry and the National Park Service hosted the meeting.

Valdez-Copper River Area Division of Forestry Fire Management Officer, Mike Trimmer and Matt James, Incident Commander for the Chetaslina and Long fires were available to answer questions from the public on structure protection, fire progression and potential suppression tactics. The meeting concluded with a discussion on the benefits of wildland fire on the Alaskan landscape with the National Park Service Midwest Region, Regional Fuels Specialist, Scott Beacham.

Below is an update for the two fires actively burning in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve:

Chetaslina Fire (#606) – Fire managers flew the fire’s perimeter and discovered no additional acreage change. The fire remains at 2,125 acres. The fire is slowly burning islands of fuels within the perimeter.

Long Fire (#484) –This lightning-caused fire has picked up slightly in activity and estimated 150 acres. There is organized fire on the ground, a serpentine-like line of fire “walking” the ground through the tree line and some group torching. The fire is burning in the lower elevation areas.

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