Grouse Creek/Garnet Creek Fire Update for July 27, 2019

The Grouse Creek fire is approximately 50,418 acres and the Garnet Creek fire is approximately 9,043 acres with a total of 87 personnel.

 Sawline work around community of Rampart, by a New Jersey Forest Fire Service crew

Grouse Creek (#485)

Fire growth was moderated by the weather on Friday, overcast and light rain. Fire personnel scouted the northeast edge of the fire toward the Dalton Highway. Growth had not increased significantly from Thursday. The two track road along the airstrip continued to be be widened and improved. Point protection, mop up and monitoring continued within the community of Rampart as well as upriver.

On Saturday, personnel will scout out values at risk along the Dalton Highway. If conditions allow, aerial observations of the fire will be conducted. Testing sprinklers and hose lays, protection work around upriver cabins, allotments, airstrip and mop up will be ongoing.

Garnet Creek (#576)

Fire behavior was temporarily moderated on Friday due to rain and overcast conditions. Patrolling and monitoring will continue on Saturday.

Wet conditions are forecast to continue in the area for the next several days.

No evacuation notices are in place for the community of Rampart.

Residents and visitors in Rampart should review and be familiar with the Ready, Set, Go guidelines for evacuation. They are posted at information points in Rampart and available at the Rampart School. It is always advised for safety that individuals know and understand Ready, Set, Go should it ever be needed.

Smoke impacts will lessen throughout the Rampart area. Smoke may still settle in low lying drainages and along the Yukon River. The Alaska Department of Conservation advises people with respiratory illness or heart disease, the elderly and children, to avoid exposure to smoke. When in areas of smoke, avoid outdoor activities or physical exertion.

For additional and updated smoke information visit:

Information on wildfire smoke predictions can be found at the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks website located at

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