Upper Yukon Zone: Initial attack response success

In the past few days initial response to new fires in the BLM Alaska Fire Service Upper Yukon Zone has successfully kept fires under 200 acres. 

The Upper Yukon Zone, which covers the Northern Interior part of the state, has 60 active fires. In recent days trace amounts of rain have made it on to the Yukon Flats area.

The Jefferson Creek Fire (#682) remains at 25 acres and is 70% contained. Firefighters are continuing mop-up putting out any hot spots. The fire is located six miles east of Circle on the opposite side of the Yukon River.

The Molar Marsh Fire (#692) is was fully contained at .3 acre. This fire is located 10 miles southwest of Birch Creek.

The Tinjikvun Lake Fire (#693) is 1.7 acres and is 50% contained. Smokejumpers are cutting and piling dead and downed trees to clear an area for hose line around the fire. The fire is located six miles northwest of Venetie.

There are two Incident Management Teams and a National Incident Management Organization supporting the zone by managing fires within the Yukon Flats that are grouped into two complexes. Initial attack on new fires and Native allotment protection continue to be priorities on the Upper Yukon Zone.

New fires are anticipated as storms pass through the region carrying lightning and minimal precipitation in the upcoming days.

Information on wildfire smoke predictions can be found at the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks website located at http://smoke.alaska.edu/. For more information, contact the Alaska Interagency Fire Information Office at (907) 356-5511, or email 2019.AFS.FIRES@gmail.com.

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