Weather to test work completed on Cornucopia Complex

Beaver, Alaska – Weather will test firelines today put in by crews on the Cornucopia Complex as the sun cures vegetation, the humidity drops to 35% and gusty winds to 20 mph blow from the west.

A wind from the west is predicted to push the east end of the Hadweenzic fire to the east toward Fort Yukon. Because there is a solid fuelbreak protecting allotments, fire managers feel confident the land will remain safe. Meanwhile, work around the bible camp west of the Hadweenzic Fire is moving along well.  Crews expect to finish the fuelbreak around the bible camp allotment in the next week.

The Chandalar River Fire across the Teedrinjik (Chandalar) River from Venetie were able to conduct a burnout Monday. About 1 p.m., the weather provided an opportunity to add to the firing completed Sunday. Crew burned another 3/4 mile northwest of the fire before the firing had to stop. Again today, crews will be alert for any opportunity to burn along more of the 6 miles of prepped line to protect allotments. 

A group of smokejumpers will arrive on the Chandalar River Fire today to mitigate hazard trees that are in danger of falling because their roots are shallow due to permafrost. When the deep duff layer on top of the permafrost burns, there is little to hold these trees upright, making them susceptible to falling and endangering firefighters. A firefighter on the Chandalar River Fire had a non-emergency, minor injury Monday from a tree strike. Out of an abundance of caution, he was flown to Fairbanks to be evaluated and was released.

Aircraft remained busy Monday shuttling crews and gear off the fire and in some cases, replacing them with fresh personnel. Meanwhile, loads of food and other supplies were flown to BLM Alaska Fire Service facilities in Fairbanks. Five more crews will be flown off the fire today as the number of personnel on the fires are adjusted for the slowing season.

A Temporary Flight Restriction remains in place for the Hadweenzic River and Tony Slough fires. Go to for more information on the TFR.

Complex acreage: 89,511  Complex personnel: 431                 

Hadweenzic River Fire: 60,856 acres

Chandalar River Fire: 11,202 acres

Portland NIMO Incident Commander: Bea Day

Information Officer: Kris Eriksen, email:

Map of fires from the Cornucopia Complex on July 30, 2019.
Map of fires from the Cornucopia Complex on July 30, 2019.

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