Swan Lake Fire Smoke Outlook 8/23 – 8/24

Special Statement
The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation has issued an Air Quality Advisory in effect through Friday afternoon for the Susitna Valley and Kenai Peninsula

Southcentral Alaska is being impacted by the smoke from multiple wildfires in the surrounding area. A listing of activity for specific fires is available at: https://fire.ak.blm.gov/, AICC Situation Report.

Susitna Valley: Smoke in the valley from the local fires and Swan Lake that settled overnight will lift in the morning and improve air quality. Northerly winds increasing in the afternoon may send a bit more smoke into communities downwind of the fires.
Anchorage Area: Southerly winds moved Swan Lake smoke north overnight settling into the Anchorage Bowl. As winds shift to the northwest late morning this should will help move smoke out. There may be some continued haze and minor impact from the fires to the north.
Kenai Peninsula: Wind shifting to the northwest will push smoke back towards the eastern side of the Peninsula impacting air quality in Cooper Landing and down to Seward. The communities on the western side of the Peninsula will see improving air quality today.

If you begin to notice health effects from smoke, you are encouraged to follow the “actions to protect yourself” listed in the attached image of the entire report.

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