No spread seen on Any Creek Fire north of Fairbanks despite warm, dry weather

Firefighters continue to hold the Any Creek Fire (#236) located 10 miles north of Fairbanks and 7 miles west of the Elliott Highway to its current footprint of 44 acres. The fire, located about three-quarters of a mile north of Old Murphy Dome Road, is 15% contained. There are 89 personnel working on the fire.

A pickup truck loaded with tools, packs and water at the Any Creek Fire (#236) on Thursday morning, June 18, 2020. Photo by Pete Buist/Alaska Division of Forestry.

There was no spread observed on Wednesday, despite warm, dry conditions. Control objectives remain the same and the ultimate objective is to achieve 100% mop up. Firefighters expect warm and dry conditions again today, but are more optimistic each passing day with their efforts being sufficient to prevent further spread.  There is still a lot of work to be done to reach full containment.

Unseasonably high relative humidity and passing scattered thunder showers, combined with a lot of hard work by firefighters, has been paying off. A reconnaissance flight is planned for today to get a better look at the fire.

Friday’s weather forecast suggests that rain showers could be expected in the fire area. While this precipitation holds down fire behavior, rain precludes doing any burnout operations, and makes working conditions for firefighters less than desirable.

Operations personnel gather for a morning briefing on the Any Creek Fire (#236) on Thursday, June 18, 2020 led by Incident Commander Thomas Krock (sunglasses). Photo by Pete Buist/Alaska Division of Forestry.

Suppression efforts continue to feature the construction of  saw line and reinforcing existing containment lines.  In addition to the possibility of causing flareups, predicted winds have the potential to make work on the fireline dicey in areas where trees with burned out root systems can topple over, posing a risk to firefighters.

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