Fires south of Manley Hot Springs merge

The Dry Creek Fire and Zitziana River Fire burning south of Manley Hot Springs merged on Thursday and have burned an estimated 7,200 total acres. The fire is now considered the Dry Creek Fire (#195).

The Medford #10 Type 2 Initial Attack Fire Crew from Oregon will arrive at the fire today to help protect on the cabin along the Zitziana River to the north of the fire area and Native allotments on the south side of the Tanana River.

The fire is expected to continue to spread at a moderate rate in all directions, but due to higher humidity levels and slightly cooler temperatures, it shouldn’t be as active as it has been after it started on Monday. Isolated thunderstorms are expected this afternoon and on into the evening. The weather forecast includes light west with erratic and gusty winds expected around the thunderstorms.

Preliminary assessments of Native allotments along the river found some fire breaks built by smokejumpers responding to the 2018 Zitziana Fire. Firefighters can use these and are planning burn operations around the allotment and cabin if conditions are good for burning in the upcoming days. Building fire breaks and burning out around the allotments and cabin will create a protective buffer from the fire.

The lightning-caused fire is about two miles south of the cabin and about 3.5 miles west of the nearest Native allotment along the Tanana River. The fire is not immediately threatening either site. It’s burning in tundra, and a mixture of black spruce and hardwood trees on Alaska Native corporation land.

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Start dateJune 14

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