100% Containment reached on Loon Lake Fire – Transition to local Type 4 Incident Commander today at noon

100% containment has been reached for the #LoonLakeFire. This is the final update from Incident Commander Bryan Quimby as the fire transitions to Type 4 Incident Commander Kyle McNally will occur at noon today. We truly thank the communities for all of the support and engagement during this incident.Containment: 100% Acres: 102 Personnel: 53 (25 will remain with the Type 4 team after today) Weather: cloudy with rain

Fire crews continued mopping up and gridding for hot spots deeper into the fire perimeter yesterday, with the minimum distance of 100 feet having been already achieved. The UAF Wildland Fire Crew Nanooks Wildland Fire Type 2 hand crew worked with Gannett Glacier Fire Crew to search for heat both in the interior of the fire around the edges of any green or unburnt islands. Cooler, cloudy and wet weather has moderated fire behavior, with no fire growth and no smoke showing.

Today, the Gannett Glacier Fire Crew will be extracted and will return to Palmer for mandatory days off before the next fire assignment. The Nanooks crew will remain on the fire as long as Type 4 Incident Commander McNally needs them. The Nanooks will prioritize mopping up the mosaic edges of the green islands within the perimeter and along the edge of Swan Lake. With the constant concern of interactions with bears and other wildlife, the crew will continue to focus on maintaining a clean camp and backhauling trash every time a helicopter lands to deliver personnel or supplies.


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