Munson Creek Fire incident commander Zane Brown explains strategy behind backfiring operation

Here’s #MunsonCreekFire Incident Commander Zane Brown from the Alaska DNR- Division of Forestry (DOF) talking about a backfiring operation about 1 mile east of Chena Hot Springs Resort that was attempted on Monday.The Pioneer Peak Hotshot Crew was trying to burn off a patch of green fuel south of Monument Creek between the main fire and the creek. The goal was to secure the fire’s edge along the creek and prevent it from jumping north across the creek and potentially hooking back toward Chena Hot Springs if the winds were right. In the video, Brown explains the strategy of a backfiring operation and how it’s carried out.While Monday’s backfiring operation wasn’t fully successful, the Pioneer Peak Hotshots returned on Tuesday and completed the burnout and are now mopping the area up to secure that portion of the line.

Incident Commander Zane Brown discusses a burnout operation along Monument Creek during the Munson Creek Fire on July 12, 2021. Ira Hardy/Alaska DNR-Division of Forestry

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