Caswell Lakes Fire (#110) showcases coordination between local firefighters and initial attack aerial resources

Yesterday afternoon local departments spearheaded the coordination between the Mat-Su Helitack crew and helicopter, DOF engine crews, Gannett Glacier Fire Crew and locals to limit fire spread along a private airstrip under construction in Caswell. The approximately 3 acre Caswell Lakes Fire was mopped up today by the Gannett Glacier Fire Crew (video hiking into the fire). There had been no fire spread today after movement was halted yesterday evening.

Incident Commander Bryan Quimby reported this morning: “Transfer of command went smoothly yesterday from DOF Technician Chris Anderson to myself. The Gannett Glacier Type 2 Initial Attack crew constructed fireline and a hose lay around the entire fire perimeter to ensure a thorough mop up. No smoke has been showing this morning and the crew is pulling the hose lay and gridding the fire area for any remaining smokes and areas of heat. The response of the locals and volunteer fire departments yesterday is a testament to their skills and commitment to this community that has limited access. With the Red Flag warning today we ask all Alaskans to be extremely careful with all outdoor recreation and work.”

Initial Attack firefighters coordinate with Mat-Su Helitack helicopter to contain the Caswell Lakes Fire on May 20th, 2022. Video: Kale Casey/Alaska Division of Forestry
Gannett Glacier Initial Attack Type 2 hand crew walking to the Caswell Lakes Fire May 20th, 2022. Video: Kale Casey/Alaska Division of Forestry
Field Report of the Caswell Lakes Fire #110 on May 20th 2022 narrated by Kale Casey/Alaska Division of Forestry

DOF Engine crew positions next to the fire’s edge while the Mat-Su Helitack helicopter cools the opposite edge helping to contain the Caswell Lakes Fire. Video: Kale Casey/Alaska Division of Forestry

Talkeetna Fire Department

Caswell Fire Department

Willow Fire Department

Houston Fire Department (of Alaska)

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