Midnight Sun hotshots mobilize for Hog Butte Fire in the Interior

  • Firefighters dressed in red shirts lift items such as a chainsaw and boxes to a person standing in a truck bed.
  • A man positioning a chainsaw into a tight space in the nose of an airplane.
  • A group of of people walking single-file to an airplane.

The BLM Alaska Fire Service Midnight Sun Hotshots today joined the efforts to protect a Native allotment from the Hog Butte Fire (#185) burning about 39 miles southwest of Lake Minchumina.  

The fire was very active on the south end while eight smokejumpers are working to protect an allotment to the northeast of the fire. The fire was estimated at just under 6,000 acres on Tuesday. 

While there’s another allotment about 2.5 miles southeast of the fire, an aerial survey of the area by firefighting personnel determined this allotment was roughly 90% protected by natural barriers and an old burn. Instead, the smokejumpers and hotshots will keep their focus on the allotment 3 miles to the northeast. The east side of the fire was backing into the wind at a low to moderate rate of spread. 

The lightning-caused fire ignited on Sunday and is burning in a limited management option area that as long as it doesn’t threaten any sites of value, is managed for the benefit of the natural ecological process. 

  • Smoke billowing up from a wildfire.
  • Flames visible underneath smoke billowing up from a forest fire.
  • Smoke billowing up from a wildfire.

Smoke may be visible from Lake Minchumina or Telida 10 miles to the south. 

It’s also burning about 5 miles north of the Rungun Creek Fire (#186) – another lightning-caused fire that ignited on Sunday. This fire generated response from the Alaska Division of Forestry – specifically a helitack module of firefighters, water-scoopers, helicopters dropping water and eight smokejumpers – to put this fire out.   

The Hog Butte Fire is burning in predominately black spruce mixed with hardwoods and tundra. Warm, dry and windy weather have kept the fire very active.   

Contact BLM Alaska Fire Service Public Affairs Specialist Beth Ipsen at (907)356-5510 or eipsen@blm.gov for more information. 

Map showing rivers in relation to a fire perimeter.
June 7, 2022 map of Hog Butte Fire burning in Interior Alaska about 200 miles north of Anchorage and 39 miles southwest of Lake Minchumina.

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