Firefighters work to identify more landing zones to support point protection within Lime Complex

Lime Complex Saturday June 18th Update: The total complex size is 425,905 acres for the 18 fires under the management of Incident Commander Ed Sanford’s Alaska Black Type 2 Incident Team. Operations Chief Jon Glover provides the complete update for strategy, tactics and current status of these lightning caused wildfires in Southwest.

Logistics personnel inserted into Aniak are establishing the forward operating base that will support operations in Black IMT’s area of responsibility. Landing zones and areas that accept cargo are being identified throughout the impacted area. As fire personnel identify values of risk that could be impacted, the supplies needed for their point protection and suppression missions will be delivered by aircraft to these landing zones. The intent it to maintain distributed operations with small groups of mobile fire personnel while limiting impacts to the inhabited areas.

Mostly cloudy and cooler weather with possible rain showers over the weekend will slow fire spread and moderate fire activity. This weather change gives the logistics specialists more time to build the supply cache in Aniak where locals are being hired as support personnel, boat operators and drivers. The tundra has dried enough during this prolonged period without significant rain leaving concerns about the return of warm weather predicted for next week. 

The three fires with the most potential impacts to values at risk – Aghaluk Mountain (#206), Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) and Door Mountain (#244) – are being called the “Lime Group”.

The #doormountainfire (#244) ~10,595 acres, Lightning, Limited, 19 miles southwest of Lime Village – This fire is fairly active and moving. Two Division Supervisors are being inserted. Their mission is to scout both landing and cargo sites as well as the the values at risk towards Lime Village.  Once everything is identified and prepared, heli-rappellers will be inserted. 

The #pikecreekfire (#239) ~25,967 acres, Lightning, Point Protection, 8 personnel, 23 miles northwest of Iliamna Lake– Fire personnel continue assessing and checking structures along the Koktuli and Mulchatna River. Paracargo locations continue to be scouted. Winds have been favorable and the fire continues to burn to natural features. This fire has burned together with the #koktuliriverfire (#240) ~47,890 acres, combined totals 73,857 acres– Acreage increase due to gis mapping update.

The #aghalukmountainfire (#206) ~94,953 acres, Lightning, Point Protection, 37 personnel, 51 miles east of Aniak – The remaining firefighters from Winema IHC have been inserted. Both Winema and Pioneer Peak IHC continue work to finalize structure protection. Fire personnel are being supported by a Bell 212 with a crew of five Helitack. crew members. An additional local boat operator has been hired allowing for more scouting along the river. The fire was not as active due to weather moderating. 

The fires under the Black Team management include #188, 189, 190, 193 197, 198, 205, 206, 207, 216, 228, 239, 240, 244, 245, 246, 247 and 273. Staffed fires include #206, #239/#240 with #244 the next to be staffed. As threats increase to values at risk at the other fires, there will be updates on suppression strategy and tactics.

Aerial observations within the complex of note yesterday:

Fires #245/246 – No significant growth observed.

Fire #200 – Growth observed but no values at risk.

Fire #216 – No movement observed.

Fire #273 – The fire made a push 1.5 miles north and is predicted to eventually merge with Door Mountain #244

Contact email to report allotments, structures or other values at risk:

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