Firefighters inserted to protect communication tower on Lime Complex

Lime Complex The total complex size is 433,045 acres for the 18 fires under the management of Incident Commander Ed Sanford’s Alaska Black Type 2 Incident Team. 163 total personnel are assigned to the incident.

As daily aerial observation flights show fire movement or threats to values at risk, updates will be provided on the fires within the complex where suppression actions by self sufficient crews specializing in point protection take place. The Aniak airstrip is serving as the logistical support hub for the smokejumpers, hot shots, helitack, heli-rappellers, Alaska Fire Medics and other support personnel. Moderating weather has in many cases temporarily halted fire growth, though by mid week the warm dry weather is predicted to return. Fire personnel are taking advantage of this to move supplies, establish remote refueling stations and fly small groups of self sufficient firefighters into priority areas to protect cabins, allotments, communications infrastructure and other values at risk. 

The Aghaluk Mountain Fire (#206) ~94,953 acres, Lightning, Point Protection, 56 personnel, 51 miles east of Aniak – Both the Winema IHC and Pioneer Peak IHC, along with a five person helitack module are finalizing structure protection work and documentation for structures in Red Devil and Sleetmute on the east side of the Kuskokwim River. Tomorrow these resources will be working on the structures to the west of the fire between Crooked Creek and Napaimute. They will continue to identify and validate additional structures for protection. The one remaining smokejumper is working as a Task Force Leader to assist with the coordination of priorities. Six locally hired boat operators with extensive experience continue to shuttle firefighters and gear along the river. Two Alaska Fire Medics have been inserted to provide advanced life support. The successful insertion of two repeaters into the fire area has resulted in the establishment of hand held radio communication between resources working on the west side of the fire and the logistical support specialists at the Aniak airstrip. The addition of a third repeater that arrived into Aniak today is intended to provide radio coverage on the east side. The fire was not as active due to weather moderating.

The Pike Creek Fire (#239) ~25,967 acres, Lightning, Point Protection, 8 personnel, 23 miles northwest of Iliamna Lake – Fire personnel continue assessing and checking structures along the Koktuli and Mulchatna River. The smokejumpers are anticipating a paracargo resupply mission. An Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) module will be used to look for areas of remaining heat around structures. The helicopter supporting these personnel has been relocated from Dillingham to Iliamna to save fuel and flight time. This fire has burned together with the Koktuli River fire (#240) ~ 47,890 acres, combined totals 73,857 acres– Acreage increase due to gis mapping update. 

The “Lime Group” is made up of the three fires around Lime Village that have the potential to impact structures and other values at risk. These fires include the Door Mountain Fire (#244) to the southwest, the Stony River Fire (#198) and Gagaryah River Fire (#197) to the northwest, and the South Lime Lake Fire (#190)/Swift River Fire (#228) to the northeast. The intent is for two Division Supervisors, who have been scouting, to review and update the historic Lime Village structure protection plan that is on file. Once preparations are ready, the helitack and heli-rappellers currently Aniak will be inserted to priority locations to begin work. Though these fire are currently not very active due to the cooler weather, the return of dry and hot conditions next week will change that. Priorities are for fire personnel to protect the values at risk on Tundra and Trout Lakes and in the Village of Lime. Protecting a communications tower on the Swift River Fire is also a priority. Fuel for aviation assets will be staged in Lime Village to reduce time spent refueling in Aniak.

The Door Mountainfire (#244) ~10,595 acres, Lightning, Limited, 19 miles southwest of Lime Village – This fire is the priority fire within the Lime Group. Current staffing for the Lime Group includes Division Supervisors, two Task Force Leaders and two Alaska Fire Medics. Their mission is to scout both landing and cargo sites as well as the the values at risk towards Lime Village.  Once everything is identified and prepared, helitack and heli-rappellers currently Aniak will be inserted.

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Link to the Smoke Advisory June 16-18, 2022: Southwest Alaska Air Quality Advisory #2022-F12 (2).PDF

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