Aggie Creek Fire north of Fairbanks

Firefighters continue to improve their saw line around the 65-acre Aggie Creek Fire (#284). The containment remains at 20%. The four spot fires have saw line around them with pumps and hose lays. Crews are mopping each of them up, extinguishing all heat. There is a lot of saw work that needs to be done to remove all the burnable material from the perimeter of each spot and the main fire. There are still areas holding heat where trees have toppled over into jackstraw piles.

The fire has not been active or grown for several days. Because of this, two hotshot crews are being made available for other fires in the state. For the past several days, thunderstorms have been causing new lightning caused fires, 25 in the last three days.

This is a map showing the location and perimeter of the Aggie Creek Fire
The Aggie Creek Fire (#284) and the four spot fires it created are located north of Fairbanks, four miles west of Milepost 28 Elliot Highway.

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