Reconnaissance flight conducted for accurate mapping and fire behavior on Lime Complex

June 21, 2022, Daily Update, 9:30 am

Fire helicopters stage at Aniak Airport to support the lime complex. Credit: Alaska IMT
Fire helicopters stage at Aniak Airport to support the lime complex. Credit: Alaska IMT

The total complex size is 450,470 acres. An aerial reconnaissance mission was conducted today by operations to validate the information that has been collected from satellite information.

There are over 219 total resources assigned to the various fires, including two Type 1 Hotshot crews, one type 2 Initial Attack Hand crew, four helicopters and various overhead. These resources continue to identify and validate known sites that require defensive action along the Kuskokwim and Holitna Rivers. Structure protection measures continue in and around the identified values at risk in the various fire impacted areas.

Staging of aircraft and supplies in Aniak are receiving orders but logistics to get orders out to the fire remains difficult due to the sheer distance of the fires and availability of aircraft for cargo.

Today was the last day of predicted thunderstorms in the areas of the fires. The warmer temperatures and drying conditions continue throughout the week. There is a high-pressure ridge that is expected to bring temperatures into the lower 80-degree range. Sustained winds are expected to be widespread from Southwest region through south central. Expected winds from 12-15 mph which will lead to movement along the perimeters of the active fires.

Lime Complex Southwest Alaska Wildfire Update with Operations Chief Jon Glover for June 20 2022

Staffed Fires in the complex

North Group consists of the South Lime Lake Fire (#190)/Swift River Fire (#228), Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240), Door Mountain Fire (#244), Door Creek Fire (#273) and the Hook Creek Fire(#188)

Helitack and rappelers will work from Tundra and Trout lake to evaluate the values at risk and prepare cabins and outlying structures for the potential for any threat of fire.

Pioneer Hotshot crew was relocated into Lime village with intentions to begin defensive preparation of structures and other identified values. Due to the weather change, preparation actions are ongoing to open existing control lines that are surrounding the village

Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) ~ 106,189 combined acres, Lighting start, , Point Protection and structure protection are ongoing. The fire remains 36 miles north of Iguigig.

Four smoke jumpers remain int the area to conduct structure protection along the Koktuli and Mulchatna rivers. No precipitation has been received for this fire and there is perimeter growth along most of the active fires edge. The fire is progressing to natural barriers like riparian areas and areas with little brush. The rivers should also act as a natural fire break as well.

An Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) module is to stay in place to look for remaining heat around structures. The Northern cabin is working on being secured as well as a plan was put in place to work to the Chatna lodge to do structure protection.

Aghaluk Mountain (#206) ~107,150 acres, Lightning start, Point Protection and structure protection are ongoing. The fire remains 51 miles east of Aniak.

Winema Hotshots and the 5 person helitack module remain on the fire to finish the structure protection plans and test the set up to ensure it works as intended.  Pioneer Peak Hotshots were successfully extracted from Sleetmute and relocated to Lime Village to assist on the North Group. The crews are utilizing boats to continue to prepare the allotments and structures the west side of the fire. There was observed activity on the north side that pushed up to 2 miles. The fire was sitting under a rain could and actively receiving rain yesterday afternoon. Due to the moisture, very little perimeter growth was measured.

Upper Talarik (#205) ~2,008 acres , Lighting start, Point protection and structure protection are ongoing. The fire is around 1.7 miles from the Pebble Mine project.

This fire showed active fire around the perimeter during the reconnaissance flight. Due to this, there will be an increased presence of fire resources in the areas to set up pumps and hoses for structure protection. The East, South and west of the fire show fire growth, yet the north section is not showing any measurable heat signatures.

Lime Complex Public Information Map, June 21
Lime Complex Public Information Map, June 21

Unstaffed Fires

Dummy Creek Fire (#247)~ 178 acres

Cabin Creek Fire (#193)~ 74 acres

Gagaryah River Fire (#197)~ 34,505 acres, Some surface fire was observed with a western wind., that will push it to the south and east. Growth is minimal due to the tundra burning at a slower pace with minimal trees and brush involved.

Kiknik Fire (245)~ 39,448 acres

Maka Creek Fire (#207)~ 1 acre

Nushagak River Fire (#189)~ 10 acres

Stony River Fire (#198) ~ 35,664 acres

Telaquana River Fire (#216) ~7,791 acres, More values at risk were identified for protection during reconnaissance flight. Planned actions to include structure protection measures in the upcoming days.

Titnuk Creek Fire (#246)~ 37,211 acres,

Lime Complex fires under the Black Team management include #188, 189, 190, 193 197, 198, 205, 206, 207, 216, 228, 239, 240, 244, 245, 246, 247 and 273. As threats increase to values at risk, updates on suppression strategy and tactics will be provided.

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