Alaska moves to Preparedness Level 4 at noon today

Based on current and expected fire activity, the Alaska Multi-Agency Coordination Group has decided to elevate the state from Preparedness Level 3 to Preparedness Level 4. The change will take effect today, June 22, at noon.

At present there are more than 133 active fires in Alaska and an estimated 1,143,506 million acres have been burned so far in 2022. Fire activity continues to increase across the state. Northern Interior Alaska remains highly active. Warmer, dryer weather is forecast for the southern part of the state, which will increase the potential for new starts and rapid fire growth.

Alaska moves from Preparedness Level 3 to Preparedness Level 4 at noon today.

Smokejumpers, interagency hotshot crews, fire support personnel, aircraft, equipment and supplies from the Lower 48 states are already assisting with Alaska’s ongoing fire suppression efforts. The change to Preparedness Level 4 means more firefighting resources will be allocated to Alaska.

In general, the decision to go to Preparedness Level 4 is made when multiple areas are experiencing fires that require incident management teams. When setting the preparedness level, fire officials also consider factors like the probability of new starts; the potential for extreme fire behavior; and the degree of difficulty involved in controlling or extinguishing fires based on the available resources, weather conditions, terrain and fuel types.

The Alaska Preparedness Plan identifies specific actions that should be considered within each level of statewide preparedness. The level of preparedness is determined daily during Alaska’s fire season and adjusted as conditions dictate. Preparedness Level 5 is the highest level identified in the Alaska Preparedness Plan.

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