Increased winds show perimeter growth on active fires edge within Lime Complex

June 22, 2022, Daily Update, 9:30 am
Lime Complex Information Map for
June 22,2022

The total complex size is 484,720 acres. There are over 229 total resources assigned to the various fires, including two Type 1 Hotshot crews, one Type 2 Initial Attack Hand crew, four helicopters and various overhead. Structure protection measures continue in and around the identified values at risk in the various fire impacted areas.

Highlights: Yesterday, there were reports of significant fire movement on Upper Talarik (#205) and Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) fires. An aerial reconnaissance was conducted for both fires due to increased fire movement. A 4-mile run was observed on the west side of the Koktuli River Fire (#240) and defensive burning operations were conducted by the Unaweep Fire Module on Upper Talarik (#205) to protect values at risk in the area.

Weather: There is a high-pressure ridge that is expected to bring temperatures into the lower 80-degree range. Sustained winds are expected to be widespread from Southwest region through south central. There are expected winds of 12-15 mph which will lead to movement along the perimeters of the active fires. Due to this impact of weather, there will be a measurable increase in fire behavior and measurable growth along the active fire perimeters. Communities in the area will likely experience smoke as the wind shifts throughout the day.

Due to the vastness of this area, many of these fires do not have Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) in place. However, a significant number of aircraft including fixed wing aerial observation platforms; general logistics aircraft; helicopters moving personnel; and supplies and dropping water, will be working all throughout southwest Alaska. We ask general aviation pilots and the public to remain vigilant of this increase of aircraft in the area. And, as a reminder to drone pilots, “If You Fly, We Can’t”. 

Lime Complex Southwest Alaska Wildfire Update 06/22/2022
Staffed Fires in the Complex

North Group consists of the South Lime Lake Fire (#190)/Swift River Fire (#228), Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240), Door Mountain Fire (#244), Door Creek Fire (#273) and the Hook Creek Fire (#188)

Pioneer Peak Hotshots are in Lime village, and they continue to work on the identified control line to utilize as a protection measure for the village. The intent is to tie it in from river to river as good anchor points. Gannet Glacier is a Type 2 IA crew that is being brought in to continue the work in the area while Pioneer Peak Hotshots get a few days off.

Helitack and rappelers will continue their work from Tundra and Trout Lake to evaluate the values at risk, and to prepare cabins and outlying structures for the potential for any threat of fire.

Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) ~ 111,449 combined acres, Lighting start; point protection and structure protection are ongoing. The fire remains 36 miles north of Iguigig.

The fire received steady winds with up to 20 mph gusts. Perimeter growth was seen on the southwestern edge and is progressing to natural barriers like riparian areas, and areas with little along the Koktuli and Mulchatna rivers. Five mile run with the wind as a driving factor.

Smokejumpers are working on structure protection planning and implementation southwest of the fire near the Chatna lodge. Both an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) drone module, and helicopter were utilized to monitor fire movement, and to act as necessary on identified known sites. 

Aghaluk Mountain (#206) ~114,502 acres, Lightning start, point protection and structure protection are ongoing. The fire remains 51 miles east of Aniak.

Preparations around identified values continue in Sleetmute and Red Devil. Fine tuning of tactical planning measures to initiate point protection continue. Crews are utilizing boats to continue to scout for values on the west side of the fire from Napiamute to Crooked Creek.

No significant fire growth was seen throughout the day and the weather around this fire was moderate. Winema Hotshots, and the 5-person helitack module remain on the fire to finish the structure protection plans, and to test the set up to ensure it works as intended.

Upper Talarik (#205) ~2,035 acres, Lighting start, point protection, and structure protection are ongoing. The fire is 16 miles from Iliamna.

Unaweep Fire Use Module was inserted via helicopter out of Iliamna. This fire showed active fire movement along the southwest perimeter. An aerial reconnaissance flight was conducted and showed that the fire was progressing towards some of the pre-identified values around the Pebble Mine project.  Unaweep was able to be utilized to take immediate defensive measures on known sites in the area. A planned burn-out operation was initiated to reduce fire impacts to those sites and protect those values. This operation will continue today due to the weather which is expected to push the perimeter to the south.

Unstaffed Fires

Dummy Creek Fire (#247)~ 178 acres

Cabin Creek Fire (#193)~ 74 acres

Gagaryah River Fire (#197)~ 34,505 acres, There was active perimeter growth throughout the day. Preparation will start around the lodge that was identified as a value at risk with the movement of the fire.

Kiknik Fire (245)~ 45,524 acres

Maka Creek Fire (#207)~ 1 acre

Nushagak River Fire (#189)~ 10 acres

Stony River Fire (#198) ~ 35,664 acres, Perimeter growth was measured, and values are being assessed for protection measures.

Telaquana River Fire (#216) ~7,791 acres,

Titnuk Creek Fire (#246)~ 51,745 acres,

Lime Complex fires under the Black Team management include #188, 189, 190, 193 197, 198, 205, 206, 207, 216, 228, 239, 240, 244, 245, 246, 247 and 273. As threats increase to values at risk, updates on suppression strategy and tactics will be provided.

Public Information: Phone number:(907) 290-2699, Email, Facebook: Website:, Twitter:@AKforestry

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