Crews work toward full suppression of Fish Fire (#319) near Dalton Highway

Firefighters made good progress on full suppression of the Fish Fire (#319) yesterday. The fire is located west of mile post 115 on the Dalton Highway near the Arctic Circle Wayside and Arctic Circle Campground. The wayside and campground remain closed, pending full control of the fire.

Other fires being monitored by Nevada IMT-3 (IC Erik Newell) include Douglas (#336), Curky (#318), Snowden (#330), Basin (#331), and Prospect (#333). All fires are in the Limited protection category.

Operations: The Fish Fire has been completely lined and plumbed with hoses and sprinklers. Two hotshot crews and two engines using water and other control measures inside the fire perimeter, working from the outer edges in toward remaining hot pockets of spruce and brush. They expect to finish mopping up the fire within three or four full shifts.

Air Quality: Air quality near all fires managed by Nevada Incident Management Team 3 is listed as Good.

Weather: Skies were mostly cloudy this morning but dry with no precipitation expected. Winds were 4 to 8 mph, gusting up to 19 mph out of the west. Daytime temperatures range between 66 and 70 degrees, dropping to 42 to 52 at night. Relative humidity is 29 to 44 percent during the day, increasing to 70 to 85 percent at night. Skies will be clear to partly cloudy this evening.


Fire Information: 907-356-5511

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