Firefighters prepare for uptick in activity on Bean Complex fires due to windy, dry weather

Bean Complex email:; Tel. 503-894-6694

The Bean Complex fires began due to lightning between June 19 and June 23. The fires are burning on lands managed by DOI Bureau of Land Management and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, generally along the Tanana Valley west of Fairbanks extending to the Cosna River. Fire protection is under the Alaska Fire Service.

The Bureau of Land Management and Alaska DNR have delegated responsibility for fighting these fires to Northwest Team 7, an interagency incident management team from the Pacific Northwest. The Team assumed responsibility Wednesday morning, June 29.

This complex is comprised of 6 fires, for a total of 43,364 acres. The fire numbers, names, and acreage as of 6/29 are:

310 – Tanana River 7,694 acres; 312/342 – Bitzshitini 12,594 acres; 315/314 – Chitanana 19,554 acres;    327 – Hutlinana 410 acres; 343 – Dragon 1,855 acres; 366 – Oval 276 acres.

The fires are burning primarily in black spruce. Weather conditions for the upcoming week will favor rapid rate of spread with high temperatures, low humidity, and enough wind to drive the fires. The weather will become progressively warmer through the week, leading to the potential for increased fire behavior and rapid spread rates where weather, fuels and terrain align.

  • Fire 310 has structure protection underway near Deadman Lake, where smokejumpers are focused on protecting 12 cabins by clearing brush and setting up pumps and sprinklers.

  • Fire 312, smokejumpers are working to protect structures. Fire 315, Smokejumpers and one Hotshot crew are protecting approx. 10 cabins on the 315 Fire.

  • 327 Fire, three crews of firefighters have achieved 50% containment and are progressing toward the objective of full containment.

  • 343 and 366 Fires are burning within a 2018 wildfire scar, which moderates fire behavior. Firefighters are monitoring for any southward spread that could require structure protection.

Please do your part to prevent new fires. Be very careful with off-highway vehicle travel or any other potential source of ignition.


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