Poorman Complex established to manage 3 fires in Galena, Tanana zones

A Type 3 Incident Management Team has been ordered to take over management of three fires that make up the Poorman Complex in the Galena and Tanana zones. The Donut Fire (#335), Camp Creek Fire (#352), and Sunset Fire (#369) have burned about 16,220 cumulative acres as of June 29, 2022. All three fires were started by lightning.

Twenty Smokejumpers are currently assigned to the complex with 12 working on the Camp Creek Fire (#352), four on the Donut Fire (#335), and four on the Sunset Fire (#369). Firefighters are providing point protection by clearing vegetation around cabins, setting up sprinkler systems to dampen buildings, and burning out fuels as needed.

The Baker River Hotshots have been assigned to the complex with one additional crew on order. Zone managers hope to have the Type 3 team in place by July 2.

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