Fuel and wind-driven Clear Fire continues push south, firefighters focus on protecting homes

The fuel and wind driven Clear Fire continues to push south, with firefighters’ primary focus on protecting homes at risk. An overnight infrared flight provided fire personnel with an accurate picture of the fire’s heat and perimeter, resulting in a significant increase of acreage reported today (23,512 acres).

Later today, two Type 1 “hotshot” crews will be working in the Kobe Ag area, constructing line and protecting structures. The constructed line may later be used for strategic burn out operations, preventing the forward progression of the fire into the Kobe Ag and other neighboring subdivisions.

Firefighters are working to protect structures in the surrounding areas, such as the City of Anderson proper far east of the fire. The northern edge of the fire is still at least a quarter mile from any structures, with minimal fire movement in that direction. Crews have completed preparing all structures in that area, in the event fire activity does increase to the north. The eastern flank of the fire is starting to burn out along the marshy lands. Much of this area could potentially be placed into “patrol status”, where firefighters patrol the area to monitor for any increases in fire activity over the coming days.

Today, temperatures will begin to climb into the 80s, with relative humidity in the low 30s, and no sign of precipitation in the near future. Light northwesterly winds, up to 5mph, are expected over the next few days. On Friday, the wind is expected to switch directions, with southern winds off the Alaska range.

As a reminder, the Denali Borough and the City of Anderson are using the “Ready, Set, GO” format for any notifications or evacuations during fire operations. “Ready” means you should work to prepare your property by creating a defensible space. “Set” means you should prepare a “go kit” and include items such as prescription medications, emergency supplies, and important documents. Residents should have an action plan, and make sure you are familiar with your local emergency notification system. “GO” means you should grab your “go kit” and leave immediately.

The following is the status of evacuations for the areas listed below:

Ready: All areas including the City of Anderson, Clear, and Clear Space Force Station.

Set: All cabins along the Teklanika River located between two and five miles of the current fire perimeter.

GO: Anderson Subdivision, Kobe Ag Subdivision, Quota Subdivision, all cabins along the Teklanika River that are within two miles of the current fire perimeter. All areas accessed off the Kobe Ag Road.

Sheltering or evacuation-related information: The Tri-Valley School in Healy, approximately 40 miles south of the city of Anderson, and the Nenana School, 25 miles north of the city of Anderson, will serve as evacuation shelters. Contact the Denali Borough at (907) 683-1330, see the Borough’s Facebook page or visit denaliborough.org

All other fire information: Clear Fire Information, (907) 290-2921; Alaska Fire Information, (907) 356-5511; akfireinfo.com, and on the Alaska Division of Forestry and BLM Alaska Fire Service Facebook pages.

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