Fire growth within Lime Complex anticipated today due to Red Flag conditions

June 30, 2022, 9:30 am 
Desert Air plane at Aniak airport June 27th. Photo credit: Billy Trefon Jr./ Alaska Incident Management Team

The Lime Complex consists of eight staffed fires and ten unstaffed fires. The total size of the combined fires is 602,010 acres. There are 275 resources assigned to the complex.  

Highlights: The Alaska Green Team assumed command of the complex at 7:00 AM this morning. Rising temperatures and dropping humidity contributed to fire growth in several places across the planning area yesterday, including fire #240 and #239. Smoke continues to impact visibility and slow the operational pace. Structure and point protection remain the focus of firefighting resources. Aerial resources are being utilized to support crews on the ground. All unstaffed fires are monitored by air for growth and potential threats to values at risk.  

Weather: Red Flag conditions are expected across the fire areas today with hot, dry, and windy conditions. Increased afternoon winds from 15-20 mph are expected. Morning smoke is expected to move out of the fire area with increased winds. Temperatures will be in the mid 70s-80s. RH values will range from 20s to 30s.There is a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm east of Lime Village. 

Staffed Fires in the Complex 

North Point Protection Group consists of the South Lime Lake Fire (#190)/Swift River Fire (#228), Door Mountain Fire (#244), Door Creek Fire (#273) and the Hook Creek Fire (#188) – The North Point Protection Group is implementing structure protection measures around structures north of Fire #228 in the Lyman area, near Stony River Lodge and around Trout and Tundra Lakes. The Winema Hotshots, along with Malheur Rappelers began defensive firing operations last night to remove fuels near identified values at risk. 

Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) – 196,312 combined acres, Lightning start. The fire is 35 miles north of Iguigig. Fire modules are working north and east from Jason’s Corner, implementing hose lays and sprinkler systems around identified sites in the area. Firefighters are working to identify areas with greater potential for fire spread where continuous fuels align with values at risk. Fire bosses continue to deliver water drops to the fire perimeter along the Mulchatna River to assist ground resources and protect identified cabin sites.  

Public Information Map for Lime Complex June 30

Aghaluk Mountain (#206) – 116,309 acres, Lightning start, point protection and structure protection are ongoing. The fire remains 51 miles east of Aniak. Resources from this fire are providing support to fire #228 as well as planning for future threats in the area.  

The Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) remains in place over the southern portion of the planning area near Lake Iliamna. Aerial water drops and logistical air support will remain very active in this area as long as smoke and weather allow for safe flying. Ten Fire Boss planes are working out of Lake Iliamna, as well as helicopters and other aircraft in the area. Please avoid this airspace for public and firefighter safety.  

Unstaffed Fires 

Dummy Creek Fire (#247) ~ 178 acres; Cabin Creek Fire (#193) ~ 74 acres; Gagaryah River Fire (#197) ~ 35,652 acres; Kiknik Fire (245) ~ 45,734 acres; Maka Creek Fire (#207) ~ 1 acre; Nushagak River Fire (#189) ~ 10 acres; Stony River Fire (#198) ~ 36,329 acres; Telaquana River Fire (#216) ~ 7,791 acres; Titnuk Creek Fire (#246) ~ 53,290 acres; Upper Talarik (#205) ~ 5,644 acres 

Fire Information: Phone: (907) 290-2699 | Email: | Facebook: | Website: | Twitter: @AKforestry 

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