Closures continue due to #383 Middle Fork Fire off Chena Hot Springs Road

As of yesterday evening, the Middle Fork Fire, located in the area to the east of mile markers 44-45.5 of Chena Hot Springs Road, outside of Fairbanks, is measured at 1,000 acres.

Photo of
Burn Scar of Middle Fork Fire

The following recreational areas are closed to the public:

  • Red Squirrel Campground (Mile 43)
  • Mile 45.5 Pond
  • Mile 48 Pond
  • North Fork Cabin (state public use cabin)
  • Hunt Memorial Cabin (state public use cabin)
Middle Fork Fire view from Mile 45 of Chena Hot Springs Road

Granite Tors Trailhead and Campground and Angel Rocks Trails are not closed at this time.

Fire staff will continue to monitor the fire and Chena Hot Springs Road over the weekend.

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