Lime Complex Special Update: Important considerations for residents when wildfires are nearby

Lime Complex fires are spread over a large area of southwest Alaska. Despite firefighting efforts, many of these fires will remain active until they receive significant rain. No evacuation warnings have been issued or are anticipated in the immediate future; however, there are several considerations if you choose to visit your camp, remote cabin, or recreation area while these fires continue to burn. 

On some days smoke will adversely affect air quality and pose health and safety hazards. Smoke conditions depend on wind direction and fire activity. They can change rapidly and cannot always be forecast accurately. Reduced visibility increases the risk associated with air travel and airplane access may sometimes not be possible. 

Lightning Caused Wildfires Burning Southwest of Lime Village
Photo of wildfires burning south of Lime Village: Gannett Glacier’s Bryan Quimby/Alaska Incident Management Team

In some areas, Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) may be in place to allow firefighting aircraft to work safely, and the hours and locations non-fire aircraft are allowed to fly may be limited even when visibility is good. If you depend on airplanes or helicopters for your resupply missions, careful coordination will be needed to make an exception for your entry into the protected airspace. General aviation pilots can find the appropriate contact information on the FAA’s Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) page.

In some areas firefighters and/or firefighting aircraft will be working on active fire edges. They may also be working well away from the fire’s edge in their efforts to protect identified values. They may need to set up structure protection systems or create defensive firelines around your camp or cabin. Specialized fire personnel operate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with infrared cameras to patrol and monitor firelines and values at risk. You may hear or see these drones flying over your home or property. As a reminder, civilian drones are not allowed near wildfires. “If you fly, we can’t.” 

If firefighters are working in your area you should let them know you are there. Fire personnel are often the best source for up-to-date information about fire movement, fire behavior, and expectations.

If you feel that it is time to leave your area due to the impacts of wildfire, remember to take your emergency supply kit containing your family and pet’s necessary items. We recommend that you follow the national standard and fill out your own “My Personal Wildfire Action Plan” developed by the National Interagency Fire Center. 

For the most current information on the Lime Complex, visit the Lime Complex InciWeb page or AK Fire Info. You can also call our Fire Information line at 907-290-2699.

July 3rd Fire Information map for the 18 lightning caused wildfires within the Lime Complex in Southwest Alaska.

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