Minimal fire growth across the Poorman Complex due to cooler temperatures and increased moisture

Cooler temperatures and increased moisture in the morning resulted in minimal fire growth across the Poorman Complex yesterday. In the afternoon, with clear weather conditions, firefighters utilized a helicopter to establish multiple communication repeaters on the Donut Fire and the Camp Creek Fire. These repeaters have improved firefighter safety and their ability to communicate within the southern portion of the complex

  • Donut Fire (#335): Current estimated acreage is 36,661 with four Smokejumpers assigned. Firefighters continue with burn out operations around the nearest cabin which is approximately a ¼ mile away.
  • Camp Creek Fire (#352): Current estimated acreage is 12,831. The fire had minimal fire growth to the north. Two Hotshot crews continue to assess cabins and prep structures as needed.
  • Sunset Fire (#369): Current estimated acreage is 3,001. This fire is currently in monitor status.

All three fires were lightning caused and are located in limited suppression areas of the Galena and Tanana Zones.

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